Parenting Program

caregiver with three toddlers caregiver with three toddlers

The UM Linda Ray Intervention Center Parenting Program is designed to help families explore their hopes and challenges and recognize opportunities for celebration.

The Nurturing Parenting Programs are trauma-informed, family-based programs designed for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Parents and their children learn positive and caring nurturing skills as a family.  The center utilizes the evidence-based model, The Nurturing Program for Parents and their Children with Special Needs and Health Challenges ®.  The program recognizes that each family has a unique history, value system, cultural identity, and combination of strengths and challenges and is based on the conceptual framework for Nurturing Programs:

  • Appropriate Parental expectations
  • Empathetic awareness of the needs of children
  • Understanding and using empathetic, effective discipline strategies and behavior encouragement techniques
  • Understanding appropriate parent-child roles and responsibilities
  • Development of power and independence in children

There is no program cost to participating families, thanks to the generous funding of The Children’s Trust.The Children's Trust logo